Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This Movie is Smarter than You!

I had heard really good things about this movie from a number of people but after its initial release I kind of stopped hearing about it and never picked it up. One night, on the way home from spending Christmas with my family, I stopped and picked it up with a couple of other movies and...on my shelf it sat...until last night.

I just have to say, it was my loss. This movie is by all accounts, perfect. Writer/Director Shane Black proves that he is not only incredibly intelligent but also funny and capable...three things that almost never appear together. Not since True Romance (a movie that featured Kilmer in a faceless Elvis role) has there been an aesthetic between cast members like there is in this movie. Downey, Kilmer and Monaghan are perfect as is every other character. Incidentally, the film also features a small role by Michael Rapaport who also had a role in True Romance. Why do I keep making reference to that movie? Well, some will say they see it and some won't...but if you got and loved TR you will love KKBB. Trust me...if you don't like can pull out your mindless Bad Boys II and knock yourself out with brain-dead same-ol same-ol again. Loser.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, although nearly perfect has one flaw that I hated to see. The last scene with Corbin Bernsen was stupid. Just delete it from the special edition DVD please.

On the DVD commentary of this movie, Writer/Director Black says that he would like to reprise the roles of Lockhart and Perry to Downey and Kilmer to which they both agreed. I can tell you my fingers are firmly crossed on a sequel to this one because...damn man, this is just a brilliant movie. If you don't get really need to start putting more vegetables in your diet and go back to school.



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