Tuesday, November 20, 2007

10 raisons votre vie est pathétique et futile

Thanks to Dave Powell for this most disturbing and entirely depressing list of suicidal encouragement.

10 reasons your life is pathetic and futile

1. You will die. It’s inevitable, and it will be of no great consequence to anyone. What’s more, when the moment approaches, when you are certain that this is the time, you will be afraid. You will suddenly be intimately aware of the singular, profound nature of death. It will feel to you like nobody in the history of humanity has ever died before.

2. You have achieved nothing momentous. You cure a disease and nobody remembers you, most of the people you help don’t even know your name, you have to instigate a genocide or have a bunch of kids and abuse them to have any lasting effect on the future, and even then, what’s the point? Momentous achievements will always be replaced, and no matter what you do, somebody better will come along.

3. You are afraid. Your whole life is hemmed in by the things you fear: embarrassment, loneliness, pain, deprivation, being ignored. You start and endure bad relationships because of them, you stay in a job you hate because of them, you miss out on a million life-changing experiences because you are afraid of risk.

4. You don’t have what it takes to be really successful at anything. There is always something missing, something beyond your imagination, or beyond your capacity for hard work.

5. No matter how much fun you have, it’s all temporary, and then it’s never as good the next time around. Pleasure in things diminishes the older you get, so you that you just get more jaded. There is no enjoyment that “gets better with time”.

6. You care way too much about things that do not matter. The environment is irrelevant to your life now, so is your morality, and what other people think about you and your life. Your children can fend for themselves better than you think.

7. Your kids don’t love you. There is minor sentimental attachment, and some nostalgia, but family and “love”, have nothing to do with each other. They might come home from time to time, because they are insecure and need to feel validated by herding. They are comforted by the imaginary strength of a group with the same last name, but as for loving you or being grateful, no. Never.

8. You are alone. Your friends, your spouse, your kids, they hang around you because they think that there is something it for them. Your relationships with other people depend on them thinking that you have something to give to them. The minute they don’t want it or you start feeling like an empty well, they will move on to something better.

9. You are powerless. You eat because your boss cannot now find somebody better and cheaper to do your job. Your health depends largely on genetics and the insurance industry which are beyond your control. Any one of the people you work with could come to work tomorrow with a gun.

10. You don’t have that much time left. Life isn’t just “short”, it’s over. Right now you are afflicted with a fatal disease; your body is in the process of trying to stop running, even as you play Russian roulette by driving on the highway or crossing the street. Every second that passes is you dying, is you passing into history.



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