Friday, May 23, 2008

Vérités et Opinions (formatted Cl edition)

1. My birth certificate says I am the 2nd but my grandmother says that I am the 3rd.
2. I hate that no one uses their brains when behind the wheel of a vehicle.
3. The movie "Jesus Camp" contains more evil than anything I have ever witnessed (beware America).
4. I hate disrespectful children.
5. What I really mean is, I hate their parents.
6. The movie I have seen the most times in my life is Raising Arizona.
7. If you trust someone, you're lighting a match too near to a fuse. Don't be surprised at the explosion.
8. Never introduce your significant other to your friends.
9. The channel I watch most is the History channel.
10. I eat more rice than a person living in Asia.
11. I have been married once, on my current path that will be it.
12. I was a successful "On Air" personality and had a mid-day show and a block program.
13. A friend of my "significant other" has inspired more hate and contempt in me than any one person I've ever met in my 35 years. A close second would be no one. No one comes close to this piece of shit.
14. David Bowie is fucking brilliant and to disagree is not an option.
15. I had to take Scrubs off my DVR because frankly, it comes on too many channels far too often.
16. I say "off-ten" as opposed to "off-in".
17. I say "sam-un" as opposed to "sal-mun".
18. "I say I can't, but I really mean I won't."
19. I hate that a certain person who is a liar and manipulator has pretty much made me despise anyone remotely like them.
20. If you've "bought" someone as "your pet" you may need to be checked for retardation.
21. Did I mention you should never introduce your significant other to your friends?
22. If you think you're safe, your kidding yourself.
23. If I ever have children, I want to name my daughter, Amélie Erin Amyx and my son Orin Clay Amyx.
24. I probably never get to have kids as relationships have taken a turn for the worst and no one sticks things out anymore. Not to mention that nothing is defined and loyalty does not exist.
25. I have agoraphobia and am obsessive compulsive but the people in my life who know this to be true are the ones who refuse to accept and see past it.
26. Last night my baby brother graduated from high school. I was 16 when he was born.
27. My grandfather is a minister, but I am an agnostic.
28. I have no immediate cousins on my dad's side, but have 6 on my mother's.
29. I am an opinionated motherfucker.
30. Most of the time it's because I've put thought into things and am correct.
31. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
32. A recently discovered new species of frog was named as Cochranella amelie in honor of the movie Amelie. A significant honor in the academic world, the scientist that described the new species stated: "The name of this new species of Glassfrog is for Amelie, protagonist of the extraordinary movie “Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain”; a movie where little details play an important role in the achievement of joie de vivre; like the important role that Glassfrogs and all amphibians and reptiles play in the health of our planet". This new species was described in the scientific journal Zootaxa in an article entitled "An enigmatic new species of Glassfrog (Amphibia: Anura: Centrolenidae) from the Amazonian Andean slopes of Ecuador".
33. There are two women where I work that are loud and attention starved and I think it's sad that people cannot see attention starved people for what they are.
34. I hate third wheels who destroy relationships for their own agendas and could give a fuck about the people they hurt and the lives they ruin. And I hate when one of the people involved in that triangle can't see it happening.
35. I hate small talk.
36. I can't stand people who do not say "please" or "thank you".
37. I.Q.'s are dropping more sharply than the movie Idiocracy predicted.
38. This very second, I am listening to a song called "You Were Holding an Umbrella" by the band Boris.
39. You really should get rid of the toxic elements in your life. They aren't a friend if all they do is tell you that you're stupid and then do the very things they claim your are stupid because of.
40. If you know someone who's happiness is defined by whether or not they are in a relationship, especially when they give merit to admittedly BAD relationships and therefore keep stepping in the same shit they stepped in before and ALSO feel the need to put you down for YOUR relationship, then for GOD SAKE, STOP HANGING OUT WITH THAT SAD FUCKING PERSON.
Truths and opinions
(((03))) (photo by Timothy K. Hamilton)


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