Monday, July 07, 2008

définir l'état de choses si loin

binge cringe on the fringe sloppy mincing eye dropping biopsy cyclops overlooks optic options rotten show stopper skin popper babbler dabbler self confessed criminal tore pen in vain instant still spellbound game stock talk back rock re-encounter incident subsistence inexistent non-committed un-witted oblivious habitual resistor buff the stuff roughed up edge fluent nudge pre-collect ignition motivation inexistent wasted views thats all they see blue hot blood guild optic nerve with the right attitude you will succeed blue self abusive recluse too late for me make shifting peace settling crazy things keep your eyes open soft spoken changes nothing a view so cruel dogs body comatose torchlight roast disinterest disinfect retold impressed by possession insiders know refresh detained contest off and pure sure tonight it feeds itself freeze in time or shadows climb distracting override instincts evolve and try over and over wasted truth why call at all blue hot lines eventual decline with the right attitude you will succeed blue resent that discontent sidestep define the state of things so far crazy things a view so cruel
[5k1NNy PvPPy: W0Rl0CK: R4b1eS: 1989]
define the state of things so far
(((03))) (photo by blackholeSleep)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing how a song with such diversity in words of confusion make a conflicted mind with mincing thoughts feel so clear.

~ Clarity Within Confusion

11:01 AM  

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