Monday, June 15, 2009

Brûler comme une flamme

Never thought our love would last for so long
Time and time again I thought that you would be gone
Still we kept love hanging on
I guess it's meant to be
That your heart still belongs to me

And now we've stood the test of time
We survived
I asked for hope and a chance
You gave the key to your heart
You used to say that I'm not sincere
I'm gonna prove that you're wrong
I'm never gonna leave your arms
Should've realized before
Your love's worth waiting for

Don't you know that
It's our love that's burning
Burning like a flame
And you know that
It's out love that's never gonna change
'cause every time I touch you
You just make me go insane
Don't you know that
It's our love that's burning

Our love burning like a flame

Like a fantasy in the dark
You were gone
I couldn't say the words
That you wanted to hear
But baby, now that I see the light
I feel it's burning so bright
So let's stop wasting all this time



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