Friday, August 07, 2009

Les plaisirs de la Chair

I feel this wave that is carrying me
And I'm unable to stop
I stand outside of my body
But it continues to walk
Love me and touch me
Your body my feast
Torn between two sides of my nature
Half god and half beast

And then my mind starts to work out
What's going on
While the knot in my stomach
Is telling me something's wrong
Yes it's all the pain that I'm feeling
And the guilt that I hide
Yes it's all the hurt that I caused you
And all the tears that I've cried

To be shameless is blameless
If we be what we are
If freedom is what I suspect
Then tomorrow will jar against your conditioning

This hunger in my flesh my instinct says it knows what's best
But when the animal takes hold feel forces outside my control



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