Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Cult of (Cathode) Ray

Vol. 2

KICK-ASS (2010) United Kingdom/United States

When I learned that Matt Vaughn was attached to this film I didn't think for a moment that it would suck. However, Cage attached to pretty much anything now days can guarantee mass suckness. I braved the waters anyway as I am prone to do when I've heard good things and I was pleased at the outcome. KICK-ASS, based on the comic by Mark Miller, was fast-paced, funny and hyper-violent (except that all of it was done as only Vaughn could have, with so tact). Cage was acceptable but still over-acted. He is hardly the focus, though, so it's ok even though I felt much of the film was miss-cast. Aaron Johnson as Kick-ass and Chloë Moretz as Hit-Girl were perfectly cast as was Mark Strong as Frank D'Amico. The other roles were bluh or over-done (with the exception of Jason Flemyng as the Lobby Goon who appears twice for only a few moments but still demands your attention. It was HE who should have been Big Daddy! and Dexter Fletcher, whose death scene is that of legend, should have had a bigger role as well) and most of the minor characters just blend in. Which was, perhaps, the point.

My biggest "meh" of the film had to be Christopher
Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist. Chris is good at what he does and doesn't even suck in this film (I am looking forward to his version of "Evil" Ed Thompson in the new Fright Night) but his performance is a little phoned-in. Maybe even more so than Cage's. Not enough to ruin the movie or the character. It's just... meh.

I love the film and am glad to own it. It's an over and over watcher with more good than bad. So if you haven't yet, see it. It get's my approval and my ownership.

Get your hands on it! Rent it, Netflix it, buy it!



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