Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am Jack's Inflamed Sinus know that feeling you get when you're hit in the face with a baseball bat...? That's what I feel like today...sinus fluid feels the need to stay for as long as it can, harden...and come out in intervals just often enough to be a severe pain in the ass but not enough to offer any comfort.

...don't tell me that I should take something...because I have...and it either puts me to sleep in minutes or it dries me up so bad that I wish I had the fluid back...

This is on top of coming in this morning and finding out that I've been lied to about my I sent a copy of the e-mail I got (which stated the opposite of what I was told) to the person who originally said I was alright, and to the person that said I wasn't and asked someone to please advise. I don't mind being told no, but I do mind being told yes just to put off being told no. A friend taught me that that is no way to do things...I don't do that anymore and I don't expect to have it done to me.

...anyway, that's how my Thursday is shaping up so far...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I consider myself pretty lucky this year, as my sinuses are still getting readjusted to Texas from Jersey.. Next year should kick my ass.. Always nice to look forward to; a year of insufferable hell

6:33 AM  

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