Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What is it..?...and why didn't I know about it..? didn't know because there's no way you could have...this isn't was never meant to's hit and miss all the never know when you can be thrown a curve and be left standing there swinging at air.

Rest are not aren't the only one who feels lost when your sense of identity is in question, when you of all people are the one asking yourself "what am I doing, and where did I go wrong?"

...let the anxiety build? Let it get the best of you? Question the people and the things in your life that made the most sense up to a certain point thus ensuring their loss? The answer is a resounding, NO. Stay calm. Stay focused. You can't let this time in your life become a problem for those around you. You can't let this get you down. And only you have the ability to say that it won't and mean it.

What is the point you ask? The point is that you don't need to know what I am talking about...the subject and material is relatable to anyone's life in any situation. Stop what you are doing, relax, take a deep have it good...things could be a lot worse, appreciate what you have instead of missing, regreting or complaining about what you don't.



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