Monday, February 26, 2007

Operation: Raging Bull (...the systematic disillusionment of attempted dogmatic Scorsese worship)

So I borrow a copy of the special edition Raging Bull from my buddy Dave as I had not seen it, (I know, I know... any way...). So I through it in my PS2 and...get an error...unable to read disc. What the fuck?!?! So much for "Special" edition. So I have to watch it in my bed room (which is darker than the soul of a singer in a band from Norway circa 1991-1992)...and kept falling asleep, waking up and re-starting from the last spot I could remember seeing. All in all I've seen about 16 Hrs. of Raging Bull...and still have yet to finish the film. What I've seen so far I a watching all your cousins (from Goodfellas and Casino) in their first least...that's what I can remember so far. So...thanks to Martin for making, Dave for letting me borrow and hold on to for a bit...and thanks to Playstation for their systems lack of support for the "Special" DVDs. One of these afternoons I'll get to watch and finish this film, in the meantime though, congratulations to Martin for his Oscar win last evening and for basically sweeping the night. It's about time...I would have thought that maybe the academy was coming to their senses except for that fucking farce of a win by that dumbfuck in the category of "Best Supporting Actress". Fuck all that horseshit...please!!! Stop fucking perpetuating idiot worship! I beg you.



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