Friday, June 15, 2007

Messiah ( I learned to let go of Lynch enough to LOVE Harrison)

Having been a fan of David Lynch's movie Dune for no less than 23 years...I was reluctant back in 2000 to check into a mini-series version, Frank Herbert's Dune written and directed by John Harrison. Well several months ago I bought the 3 disc DVD of the series on sale for something like $9.99, watched it but wasn't really focused so I didn't really have a chance to soak it in. Then a few weeks ago I found the Children of Dune mini-series 2 disc DVD and being OCD had to get it. Before I watched it though, I re-watched the first series and let me tell you, this time I got it. Alec Newman as Paul was great, William Hurt as Leto was great, and Ian McNeice (whom I have loved since CHEF!) as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen was AMAZING! Everything synced perfectly with the exception of one thing and it's what I hated about the previews for it in 2000. I HATE the use of primary color lighting to set mood or depict or differentiate sequences. This to me took some time to get over but once I did...I really love this series. Then I watched Children of Dune which came out 3 years later. This to me seemed much more focused, (obviously no one sits still for 3 years without learning a thing or two). Gone are all the sophomoric primary colors and the look and feel of the series while more regal, seemed more archaic and "desert-like". Daniela Amavia as Alia was so well cast and James McAvoy as Leto II, the son of Muah'Dib was stellar. If you have an opportunity to see these epics, even if you are not a big Sci-Fi fan, do so. They are gripping, intelligent and thoughtful and have life lessons in politics and religion that only a master like Frank Herbert could have conceived all the way back in the early 1960's.



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