Monday, July 02, 2007

Playin' up a Storm

People say that you're no good,
But I wouldn't cut you loose, baby, if I could.
I seem to stay down on the ground,
I'm too far gone to turn around.
If only you would make up your mind,
Take me where you go, you're leaving me behind.
You got those come and go blues,
You got me feelin' like a fool.

'round 'n' 'round, 'round we go, -
Don't ask me why I stay here, I don't know.
Well maybe I'm a fool to care,
Without your sweet love, baby I would be nowhere.
Here I'll stay, locked in your web,
Till that day I might find somebody else.
I don't know just when that would be,
I don't know, I can't say as I can't see.
You got me feeling like a fool.

Sail on, darlin', sail on
Woman, you go your way, and I'll go mine
Seems to me, that I once heard
That everything is finally cured by time
So sail on, darlin', sail on
Lord, I wish you good luck
And I'll see you when you come next time.



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