Friday, July 13, 2007

Reprise (or...ok, ok, ok)

Many people have written in asking "why so many 'love' quotes?" or "come on, bring back the angry blog!". Thank you for reading and responding, even if you aren't able to share in my joy. Truth is, I am very happy...but I would be lying if I said there wasn't still trouble in paradise.

Part of that has to do with whether or not we realize that certain things, no matter what they do for us, can hurt, or frighten or make unhappy the very people that we love and are the closest to. And, whether we are the ones continuously doing something that we know causes others anxiety or if we are the ones being dealt anxiety because someone refuses to see that what they are doing effects another person negatively...our options can be as troubling as the act itself.

Often times we are put in a position of being walked on because we chose to ignore or dismiss our own feelings for another, or we run the risk of being judged as selfish or difficult because we are honest about how we feel. Either way, it is up to both parties to 1) Recognize that our actions have greater consequences than our own temporary happiness, 2) That it is up to us to more than expect other people to see that what they are doing hurts us, and 3) In all matters, it takes two, whether it involves a relationship, a friendship or both.

So as you go into this weekend, consider whether what you do makes the other person happy, or causes them distress and whether or not you can or will do anything about it...because after all, isn't their happiness just as much if not more important when it comes to exactly how happy you can be?




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