Friday, November 30, 2007


Number one, you fucking morons on the Dallas North Tollway, I pass you up every fucking morning while you sit in the "toll tag" lanes herded in like cattle. I used to get a ride from a person that would do that..."got a toll tag, I'm not gonna go through the booth lanes" even though you know, there is 2 cars sitting in 2 of the 4-8 booths and we could fly right through. No the fastest traffic IS NOT in the 2 left lanes, EVER unless it's 11 at night or 4 in the morning. Try this out, LEARN TO RECOGNIZE PATTERS OF TRAFFIC! It's not at all hard dipshit. Common Sense....I wish I could fucking BEAT it into you. MORON!

Number two, elevator etiquette. Just because you THINK you are the only person in a 4 elevator, 11 story building, doesn't mean that you are. Step the fuck BACK away from the goddamn elevator doors and let people off...also, and this is important dumbass, DON'T HOLD THE ELEVATOR FOR FUCKING ANYONE unless it will take them less than 2 seconds to board. There are 4 fucking elevators and only 11 floors, you do the math Einstein, they won't be waiting for the next one near as long as the people who have been waiting for you to let the fucking doors shut. MORON!

Number three, don't give me a hard time about not hearing from me. Here's the deal, I barely talk to ANYONE, even family. Do you think in the Old West that they got all "disappointed" when they didn't get a letter from the fucking Pony Express every fucking day from their "pals"? Fucking get together now and then, have a beer, drop a line and say hi...AND, I can't stress this enough...if I have TRIED to communicate with you and you time and again DO NOT RESPOND, I will fucking stop, PERIOD! You had your chance, I will not be ignored. It would have taken you 2 seconds to text a goddamn "hi" or for fuck sake, a smiley or SOMETHING! Fuck off! MORON!

Have a nice weekend...fuck face,



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