Thursday, February 28, 2008

Du bureau de M. ou Mme Dumbass...

I have a friend who recently was put back in touch with an old acquaintance who loved to call him by a pet name. I won't say who my friend was or who the acquaintance was for the sake of privacy, but it prompted a conversation about the kind of people who feel the need to give "pet" names to other people, bastardizing their name. Ex: Matt might be "Matty" or whatever. Now I'm not against, "honey" or "babe" or something like that, those names are endearing, what I hate, and from talking to several people, they hate as well, is the "cutesy" little things tagged on to someone's name or an abbreviation of their name. "-o-rama" and "-ster" or "-meister" carry with it all the gayness of the time period they came from. Remember when you were in 3rd grade and that shit was even then "kinda" funny? Come on! Dig into that tiny brain of yours and grow the fuck up. And, just wait until you meet someone who thinks it's terribly cleaver to do that to their own name. Very weak...duh.
From the desk of Mr. or Mrs. Dumbass...


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