Monday, March 31, 2008

Perfectionner la Télévision dans Pousser de Pâquerettes

One of the most brilliant shows to appear on "regular" TV is Pushing Daisies. As soon as I heard Barry Sonnenfeld was involved, I of course set my DVR to record and have every episode so far (9 out of an original 13 episode order. 22 episode original projection). As I'd feared, the 10th-13th episodes were interfered with by that dumb-fuck writer's strike (like most of you people are really fucking writing anything anymore), and the 9th was re-written as the season finale. The new season will begin production between March and June of this year. Keep your eye out for this show. I'm not joking, this is brilliant TV. Take a look at the Wiki page on it to see all the reasons it rules.
Perfect Television in Pushing Daisies


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