Thursday, June 05, 2008

Quatre Ans au Jour

Given what day it is, today's blog will be random. I may add to it as the day progresses, I may not. But, I will blog...I must. The following is what I've been burning my retina's with.

Last night I watched an episode of The Truth Behind the Sitcom Scandals titled "Lost in Space Forever" about the 60's TV series Lost in Space. This was peculiar since Lost in Space was neither a sitcom, nor was the focus on any scandals (unless you count "The Great Vegetable Rebellion"). And, although the information page said the first air date was 04.03.08, it was quite obvious that it was pretty old as it had interviews and appearances by Jonathan Harris who passed away in 2002.

The show was fun to watch and featured a lot of outtakes I'd never seen as well as scenes from the pilot and mini-bios of the stars themselves. It airs on the Biography channel and if you have a chance to watch it, it's a great way to waste an hour forgetting about anything remotely realistic or important.

I also started on the first 2 episodes of The Riches, season 2. I didn't have satellite for the 1st season, but seeing as how I pretty much dig everything Eddie Izzard does, I set my DVR for the 2nd, let it run through and have been putting off watching all 7 hours worth until now. I've gotta say....JESUS! What a great show. If you have a chance, watch it...season 1 is on DVD now and I will totally be needing that as well as 2 when it's finally released.

And speaking of DVD, I just got The Black Donnellys Complete Series on DVD. There were 13 episodes filmed and only 6 aired. One, "God Is a Comedian Playing to an Audience Afraid to Laugh" due to content and the last 6 due to ratings. And of course, given the moronic US population and their penchant for making a dip-fuck like Tyra Banks famous as well as rich, it's no wonder they didn't watch The Black Donnellys as it was 1) good and 2) required thought and an IQ bigger than 4, both of which are the opposite of what the viewers of any and all things Tyra have and/or require. But I digress....sort of.

I've found myself checking out reality shows like Ax Men, Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers and that ilk. They're pretty cool and at times really make me appreciate my quiet job. Although, I really wouldn't mind the scratch these guess collect.

Movies I've been digesting are: Saw III (good, not great), Scanners (Cronenberg = Brilliant), Knocked Up (you wouldn't think so, but I loved it)... and I have many films yet to watch on the DVR. Some to watch again, some to sample for the first time. North by Northwest, Delicatessen, Bottle Rocket and Mystery Train are all on deck. I heart DVR! What would I do without it? Have a life?!?
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