Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sicks

I've grown another "I Hate..." list to my nervous system and thought I'd share:

The overuse of the word "amazing" (see if your little brain can't try a new word to describe something you're impressed with).
People who decide not to answer their fucking phone but don't bother to mute it for the rest of us.
People who feel they have to stand as close to the person in front of them as they can while their in line.
Wendy Williams.
People who talk loud at work because they think anyone else wants to hear what they did the night before.
People who call an athlete a hero instead of an entertainer.
Matthew McConaughey (for fuck sake, disappear already).
People who say "Wal-Marts".
People who think that divorce is an easy out and don't think "til death do us part" means sticking around for more than a few months.
People who think that what they're doing is driving.
People who repeat what you've just said adding a question mark to it instead of using their brain and forming a sentence in the form of a question.
People who jump other people's shit for things they do themselves.
The fact that "shuffle" on any given music player never quite "shuffles" a goddamn thing.
CSI: Crime Scene Idiocy.
When someone says one thing to you and when you bring that subject up around others they flip on you and say something different (you know who you are).

(((03))) (photo by Nina.milani)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy you liked my photo, and I really appreciate you linked my flickr album...
But I'd prefer if next time you asked for permission.
I wouldn't have said no.

Take care


4:49 AM  

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