Thursday, January 22, 2009

Supprimer graduellement BAISANT eBay

Some may ask "why" I'd want to phase out eBay, others will know exactly why. Some of you have stepped off that fucked up marry-go-round a long time ago for numerous reasons and you were the smart ones.

The reason I am not just dumping them altogether right away is, I am awaiting a few items and since it isn't the sellers fault that eBay are a bunch of fucking unknowing morons, I will still leave those sellers good feedback.

Just so we're up to speed, eBay decided to TOTALLY redesign their interface with no back door for those of us who do not want it changed. The new design is unusable, ugly, it is not user friendly and is the preference of some dip-shit who hasn't ever used the service. What a completely un-fucking-professional move on the part of eBay.

So prepare for all my online business Amazon. Unless you think it's a good idea to completely change your interface to the unusable with no way of restoring it to it's original look and feel.

On a much more professional note, Yahoo recently did the exact same thing but came around a few weeks later with a "restore" option. Kudos must be made to Yahoo. Now if only they could shake that whole "overseas" stigma...

Fuck eBay,
(((03))) (photo by Linda Gavin for the 2008 unfair practices and policies boycott)


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