Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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DFW has second-worst road rage in U.S., survey says...

DFW (not just Dallas) was ranked has having the number two angriest drivers in the nation. It's no surprise at all. You see while other cities make an effort to enforce manners, behavior and courtesy amongst those occupying the roadways, DFW law enforcement concentrates on frivolous and remarkably minor offenses that have the most payout... and that's it.

That's not to say that it's only their fault. Texas as a whole will let anyone and everyone onto the road and not give a tinker's damn about the differences in geographic layout. No effort is made to inform rather than just collect money and move on. The highest percentage of drivers in Texas wouldn't know a turn signal if it bit them in the ass and is aware of other drivers like they're aware that there are actually low calorie meals. They spend every second on the road yapping on a cell phone, most likely with other drivers and can't be bothered with checking to see if they're going to cut someone off or hold up an entire freeway with their monumentally horrible, thoughtless, poor excuse for driving.

There's something else to consider other than the greed of the police and the cities who pay them and more than just the moronic, brainless, careless assholes with whom we have to share the pavement. There are also the dumbass engineers and city planners who cannot be bothered to make even one aspect of driving the least bit pleasant for anyone. Not one row of lights in ALL of DFW is in sync with any of the others. When one light turns green, you can bet that when you reach the next one a block away, it will turn red the second you get there. And this is EVERY traffic light, so most of your time is spent sitting at red lights, AND to make it even more of a pisser, they spend millions to install traffic cameras in order to collect the millions of dollars to pay for the cameras from people who have lost their minds just trying to get from point A to point B. You follow?

So you're damn right we're angry and you're damn right that not one person on any seat in Dallas or Ft. Worth's FINE governing body is going to do jack shit about it. If one or two people get shot in the face over "anger issues" then it's worth the millions the cities make in traffic fines. It's ALL about the the dollars here. So stand upright and smile DFW, we're fucked.
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