Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cult of (Cathode) Ray

Vol. 2.5

THE HANGOVER: PART II (2011) United States

Not a film about which I thought I would be writing and certainly not a film I thought I would use as a return to the theater. But, here we are and here I go. The movie was damn funny. This is dick and toilet humor, to be sure, but it's funny. Check your brain at the door because the only intelligent aspect of this film is Galifianakis spouting factoids about Thailand which may or may not even be true (feel free to check).

The cast, at it's core, are even funnier than before and the supporting cast, especially Paul Giamatti for his few seconds, were brilliant as well (brilliant used relatively). I will likely not need to tell anyone the premise, nor do I need to appeal to anyone who hasn't seen the first one as pretty much everyone but my grandfather, the preacher and his wife are likely to have seen it, and you're probably waiting for the crowds to die down for your trip to Part II so... maybe this is my chance to say that I saw it first (Friday Night) or maybe I want to put your fears to rest if you're wondering if they recaptured the magic this go 'round. They did, so... GO!

Post script: The film is the Hollywood debut of Mason Lee, son of director Ang Lee. And, everyone heard that lost-his-fucking-mind actor Mel Gibson was supposed to make a cameo... that role went to Nick Cassavetes who got it after Liam Neeson dropped out. Oh, the drama. This month, director Todd Phillips stated that a third film is being planned.

The movie has already destroyed records so it doesn't need my help. I just found it a pleasant surprise from what I thought would be a messy bore. It isn't, nor is it CITIZEN CANE. If you thought it might be, then you're type is the butt of every joke in this film.

See it!



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