Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Black Donnellys (or...why I am unavailable on Monday Nights from here on out)

I hesitated to get into yet another NBC, hour long drama...after all, I'd dug Medium...they changed and moved it, I dug Studio 60...they changed and moved it...NBC has taken more than they've given and I wasn't about to invest any more time in them. So as I flipped away from CBS who has my attention from 7 to 9 on Monday nights, I come across NBC in time to see that the anticipated new series The Black Donnellys was making it's premier right that second. "Well fuck" I thought, "I can check it out...but I would be missing The Jeffersons." "To Hell with it." I figured...if it sucked...I probably have already seen that Jeffersons anyway. Well I could not have been more pleased with what this show has to offer. First of all...the badasses are Irish. 'nuff said. This show is part Boondock Saints, part Commitments and all entertaining. Action, drama and plot twists out the arse, and more reasons to tune in then there are reasons to drink and fight. If you missed the premier last evening, you can check it out on Thursday or go to NBC.com and watch it. Believe me, it's well worth it. This show has my attention, I wouldn't even flip around during the commercials, and anyone who knows me knows that that is ritual for me. I've found a show that actually makes me sit through commercials rather than miss a single second. If that's not enough to get your ass to watch this show, then you're a hopeless dumbfuck and I wasn't going to get through to your stupid ass anyway.



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