Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Namaste (but not really)

There are things out of our hands in this life that will go far distances to determining many outcomes. These things are most often in the hands of others and result in the ruining of lives for personal gain.

This is where karma steps in. Karma is the Universes way of making you pay for what you've done without the burden of revenge falling in the shoulders of the person you have wronged. And let me tell you, karma inflicts way worse revenge than any person could.

I will give you an example, and I swear on my child that this is all true. While separated from my wife, a piece of shit (for personal gain) told a lie to my wife that infuriated her and caused her to make my life hell by turning off and taking back everything that was still in her name. Regardless of the legalities of what she did, it was wrong because the reason she was mad wasn't true.

My wife the next day had many unfortunate events happen and even went so far as to call me and say that she knew she did wrong because she felt karma was kicking her ass. She lost her job, cell phone, car broke down, fought with nearly everyone she knew...she was miserable...
Karma had done everything and that is the truth. Do I believe in it? Of course, karma gets me all the time.

So what happened to the person who lied to her? That person is still getting theirs, monetary gain has a way of just making you more and more miserable...and they are sinking in their own little hole...thoughts of depression and suicide and pushing away anyone who could have helped.

This is not a warning, it's a shared story. I have done things that I am not proud of, but I am in no way afraid of what my payback will be when the time comes...are you?



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