Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Envahisseurs ├ętranges

Just how far have movies come since 1983? One has but to view Strange Invaders to literally see what happens to a unique concept delivered by a great screenwriter (Bill Condon) when some inept director (Michael Laughlin) says he's going to "spoof" 50's sci-fi cinema but ends up spending an insane amount on effects (sort of) and avoids things like acting, continuity and the concept of suspension of dis-belief. Wanna know who fucked up this movie? Look up Condon and Laughlin and see which one took his career somewhere.

I remember the opening and closing scenes from this movie as an 11 year old kid and when it came on IFC the other day I hit record thinking I'd re-visit my childhood... and watching it last night, the only childhood I re-visited was some dork's fantasy that he was going to grow up one day and be a director.

Do I recommend Strange Invaders? Actually, yes. The alien costumes and visual effects where pretty cool as was the mother ship design, but much like one would with the crap-fest that is the dialog in a Michael Bay movie, you may want to just turn down the volume and fast-forward to the good parts. There's no need to get "involved" with the mindless characters and sub-par acting. If you wanna know the plot, just read the back of the packaging. 94 minutes of my life I wish I'd spent channel surfing.



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