Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Globulous Includer (an excerpt from a forthcoming short shory by Matt Amyx)

As he walked slowly down the hallway, the thing Barry followed stopped as if to announce it's awareness of him. Although it had been moving, it resembled a large person hunched over and cowering all the while emoting an aura of menace.

Barry stopped in his tracks and out of habit or instinct placed his hand lightly on the wall, perhaps to gain leverage in case he had to quickly turn and run away. All this somehow wasn't feeling like it's outcome was going to be a happy one.

The mass sat still but seemed to shiver and Barry tried to squint and adjust his eyes to get some bearing on what it was that he had actually been following. He cleared his throat as quietly as he could.

"Um, are you ok?" He asked, maybe subconsciously thinking this actually was a hurt person he was trying to help. No answer.
"Shall I call 911?" No reply or indication of comprehension came from the quivering thing and Barry felt like moving in a little closer but fear or maybe intelligence kept his legs from moving.

Just then the thing spoke,
"You'll never know from where this darkness comes. All the happiness you've felt all your life, is about to be taken away forever, in an instant. Your sorrow will be infinite, your despair overwhelming. In the end you will believe that chose to end your life, but you can perhaps take solace in the fact that you never really had a choice."

Barry stood motionless save for a slight raising of his eyebrows,
"Well, fuck you then."



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