Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saints et P├ęcheurs

So you're a fan of The Boondock Saints. You're a regular film buff who was one of the first to tell ALL your friends that " gotta see this movie" and you felt on top of the world because they all believed that YOU discovered this gem. You kept all the different versions of the film that you've bought and you own more than one t-shirt sporting your love of bad guy killin' Irishmen. But what do you REALLY know about the film's director or his legacy of trying to maintain the title of "supreme cock-sucker overlord"?

I recently viewed Overnight and if you don't know, it's a documentary about Troy Duffy, the director of Saints and total jerk off extraordinaire. In the film, Duffy starts out as a movie and music wunderkind with tons of celebrity, record label and studio interest. This leads to an almost minute by minute break down of whatever resolve he might have had as he proceeds to verbally abuse anyone and everyone who shows the slightest bit of support including his family, his friends, his band-mates and even the man who made any of it possible, Harvey Weinstein.

The documentary is hard to watch. Especially because The Boondock Saints is such a brilliant, near-perfect movie. The fact is that knowing what a prick Duffy is doesn't deter me from my love of his film, only my potential respect for him as a person. There is a certain comfort in knowing that Duffy doesn't see (nor does he deserve) a dime from any of the rental or purchase profits from the movie due to him basically signing everyone of his rights to it away in the distribution deal. He may be able to pull his shit in Boston, but he'd get his mouthy ass kicked in Texas.

All my spite for that mother fucker aside, I gotta bite my tongue somewhat because you see, the sequel started shooting on Monday. That's RIGHT, finally a fucking sequal!!! That really does make me one HAPPY FUCKING IRISHMAN!!! (please, no comments about how much more fucking Irish you are. Please try to just grasp the fucking point).

The sequel is supposed to be called The Good King, and pre-production on the started in early September with the first day of shooting beginning Monday in Canada. Some scenes may be shot in Boston depending on the film's financing. It has been announced by Duffy that there will be a lead female actress in the sequel (not a love interest). The sequel is supposed to take place 10 years after The Boondock Saints.

If the first film is any indication of what the second will be, it's going to be a mother of a movie. If Duffy not doing shit for almost 10 years from running his mouth and being a dumb-fuck is an indication of what to expect, then shame on the mother fucker for taking the risk of soiling The Boondock Saints and not trying out something different and not quite so safe as a franchise that has a build-in fan base.

Time will tell or course, but in the mean time, see The Boondock Saints again. Hell, over and over again. It's that good. But see Overnight at your own risk because as tolerant as I am for ass wipes due to their talent, Duffy came VERY close to pushing that overkill button one too many times.



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