Monday, March 12, 2007

What Sucks ( abreviated guide to the kind of people I hate)

People who:
show up to work with wet hair, stand directly in front of the elevator door to get on blocking you from getting off, people that stand too close behind you in line, people that write checks when making a purchase, people that complain about shit they do themselves, people who don't clean after themselves, people who love to give the opposite advise then what they take themselves, people who live on their cell phones, nosey people, loud people, thieves, hypocrites, fans of Beyonce, Shakira, Kanye West, Usher, Brandi, Monika and Metallica, anyone who spells their name different from what it's supposed to be, people who say they love the Grateful Dead and are "Deadheads" and only own one "best of" CD by them, people who laugh at everything (not because it's funny, but because they can't be bothered to pay attention), people who try to hook up with people already in relationships, people who try to break up other peoples relationships, people who refuse to do anything to keep their everyday environment tidy, people who use the "I'm foreign" excuse, people who use the "they're foreign" excuse (adapt idiots), people who say the same thing about the same shit every day always, people who think that making grunt noises to make fun of heavy metal is funny and not at all over done, people who think the same thing about pointing out that it is Friday, people who think it's neat to have 6 names, women who have had so many last names that they can't keep track of which one they had and when, people who say "no muss, no fuss", people who refuse to listen yet expect others to constantly repeat themselves, people who think that since they can't hear you that they have to yell into the phone, people who point their finger at other people because their life is so fucked up that they want to draw attention away from themselves, people that enter your bubble and people who drive slow. Fuck all y'all.



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