Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No you MAY NOT have a phone call (or...what the fuck is it with you people)

I work in the online assistance other words, I help people with obvious crap. Shit that they should know...shit that the rest of us in the real world remember...usernames, passwords, registration numbers. Shit like that...common know you need to worry when your big business leaders and government officials can't remember their password...or indeed whether or not they've even registered with a website or not...and believe me...this happens...some of them can't remember that they've done it already in the last 30 days. A very alarmingly large number of women cannot remember what last name they had when they registered due to triple, quadruple and even quintuple marriages and feeling like they have to have 3 different hyphenated names to feel important...note to you fucking idiots...first name, middle name, last name, PERIOD...douche bags. And these dumb DUMB fucks that write "call me". Fuck you! No I will not call...if you can't understand a step-by-step so easy a fucking 8 yr. old can understand it e-mail...there is no FUCKING way I am going to listen to you ooze stupidity in person. Fuck the fuck off, get a life, write shit down, utilize shit that you can remember. People can't hold your retarded fucking hand your whole life...common's not just for those of us who give a shit anymore. Assholes.



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