Friday, September 05, 2008

Caan does Dallas

Yesterday I stumbled across a movie title that caught my eye on IFC. The title was Dallas 362 and I was curious as to what it could be about. It was just starting so I flipped it on and began to watch as the titles played over a rock song and clips of black and white photos that when viewed together gave us an idea of who and what the two main characters are.

The film was written, directed and acted in by Scott Caan, the son of James Caan. You all know him and have seen him in movies before, although you won't know unless someone pointed out who he was.

Dallas 362 is about two friends, one with a chip on his shoulder (Dallas, played by Caan), the other with an over-protective but loving mother (Rusty played very well by Shawn Hatosy, another name you don't recognize but a face you will). The two are notorious bar-fighters and aimlessly drift through life with no real goal. That is until we find out via visits to a therapist played by Jeff Goldblum that Rusty really does have ambition but is being held back by his friendship with Dallas and his mother whom Goldblum's character is dating. Sound complex? It actually isn't, it's just a very well done character study with great acting from everyone (except Heavy D, but we didn't expect him to "wow" us anyway). The camaraderie between Dallas and Rusty, Rusty and his mother and Rusty and his therapist is so easy on the eyes and encouraging as well giving you an overwhelming sense of universal balance but that at any moment something terrible could come along in one of "god's jokes" that we all know so well.

Kudos to Scott for a great first outing and may I add that I am very much looking forward to his next project. For those who have asked, I don't rate the films I watch, I tell you if they are good or if they're bad. Sometimes I over-dramatize how horrible a bad one is but I NEVER over-exaggerate how great a good one is. That being said...Dallas 362 is a GREAT movie. And as for what the title'll have to see the movie to find out.



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