Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pour Terminer encore

Do you have a nickname that only your family calls you?:
I go by Matt but my mother and sisters call me Matthew, but that IS my real name so I don' t know if that counts.

Yes or No: Guys wearing pink?:
What kind of homophobe cares one way or another?

Yes or No: Girls with full-sleeve tattoos?:
That's funny because I was just thinking about that last night, and I think there is something very sexy about it.

Do clowns scare you?:
No, they concern me.
I'm talking to YOU John Wayne Gacy!

Do you think you're going to be a cooler parent than yours are?:
I think I would be a DIFFERENT parent but no matter what, our parents did something right if we aren't dead or in prison.

Have you ever been to a skating rink?:
You bet! Skateland was the shit! I remember a group of us had a break-dancing team, we wore camo and the other guys wore parachute pants.

Do you own a pair of rollerblades?:
I do not and never have.

Which is better: New Years EVE or New Years day?:
New Years Eve, New Years Day is more like Hang Over Day.

Do you have any cheesy love songs on your iPod/ MP3 player?:
Yes, yes I do. More than just a couple.

Did you watch the 08 Summer Olympics?:
Not even one second except for when I was at Stumpy and Ybanez's place and they had it on. But I talked through the whole things, so...

Do you REALLY laugh out loud EVERY time you type 'LOL'?:
I don't type lol, I have a pretty dry sense of humor so people either get it or they don't. I don't feel they need prompting.

What was the best thing about Middle school?:
I went to middle school in what they called a rural school so we had like 14 people in my class and we were all in the same classes all day long except for P.E. which would have been the only GOOD thing to have had "co-ed".

Did you have a Valentine this year?:
I did.

Do you think it would be cool to direct a film?:
That's a great question! Yes, I would love to direct films about Barry Fishman.

Does your house have a porch swing?:
Don't have a house, but my dungeon does have one of those "fuck" swings.

Do you draw on your shoes/ clothes?:
I did when I was in Jr. High. My buddies and I were all about the first Suicidal Tendencies album and anyone who's seen that knows what I'm talking about.

Before myspace & facebook was created what did you do on the internet?:
Yahoo IM, Ebay and Gigposters. com.

Yes or no: Black lipliner?:

Yes or no: Glitter eyeshadow?:
No. I think the "natural" look is the sexiest.

What is one thing you and your mom NEVER agree on?:

When you think of Madonna, what song comes to mind first?:
"Live to Tell" as I think that is her best song.

Do you drink Faygo?:
I never drink anything. To hydrate, I have an IV that I wheel around behind me that delivers electrolytes directly.

Have you ever snuck food into a movie theater?:
I have not sneaked "food" into a theater, no.

Have you ever sent a picture of yourself from your cell phone?:
I have. Whenever and whatever is requested, I usually oblige.

What time zone are you in?: (for those of us who prefer correct english: In what time zone are you?)
I am in the Central time zone

Have you ever been to a farm?:
I lived on dairy farms in Colorado and where I grew up in Missouri, it's ALL farms.

When was the last time you had a staring contest?:
Man, I think it was 2nd grade with my sister.

Honestly, have you ever trespassed? Where?:
Growing up in Missouri, we boys would go exploring and end up on all kinds of land that didn't belong to us, but if there were no fences and no it REALLY trespassing?

How interested in politics are you?:
I'm interested, but refuse to take a side. Partisan politics are one of the biggest problems with this country and choosing a side only blinds you to what the other side is doing right and what your side is doing wrong.

Do you ever go to your mom for advice?:
Sometimes, but most of the time I just ask her opinion along with everyone else's so that I can make an informed decision.

What is something that is the same color as your eyes?:
Parts of the plant I have on my desk.

Can you count to 10 in any other language? Which one(s)?:
No, not to ten. I can kind of in Spanish and German but it's broken.

Have you ever been caught skipping class by a teacher?:
I have not. I had the coolest art teacher and he, no matter what class I had would write me a pass because he knew I was a good kid and wouldn't skip unless I needed to.

Do you usually plan the activities you do on vacation ahead of time?:
I'm not much of a vacation guy but, when I went to Florida last Christmas I let my grandmother plan everything. She loves when I get there to say "I thought we'd go here, and then here and then end up here" also, planning doesn't leave a lot to spontaneity.

Do you have a favorite cousin? Who is it?:
I have several but I hang the most with Tylar. The guy is one of my best friends in the world.

How many times have you moved in your life time?:
I have lived in Texas, Missouri, Colorado and Louisiana among other places and within each of those I've lived in COUNTLESS homesteads.

Have you ever had a black eye? How did you get it?:
I've had many for many different reasons, but pretty much the only time I've been in physical altercations I've been taking up for someone else.

Do either of your parents have tattoos?
My stepfather, father and my stepmother do.

Do you have any idea where Gambia is located on a map?
Gambia is a Republic in Western Africa I think. And I think that is pretty much a little bitty thing with a river running through most of it.

Which was better: freeze tag or hide & go seek?:
Hide and Go Seek because it required much more thought and strategy and a lot less running.

Have you ever taken a family portrait?:
Yes. I think the last one was when I was a Jr. or Sr.

Have you ever had toilet paper stuck to your shoe?:
Just yesterday as a matter of fact. The men where I work are for the most part mongoloid pigs who haven't gotten used to the idea that mommy ain't here to pick up after their lazy asses.

How dramatic is your family?:
Well, we're mainly Irish AND I have 5 sisters so...VERY

What pizza place do you usually order from?: (from what pizza place do you usually order?)
Mr. Jim's.

Do you hold your breath when you drive by graveyards?:
I do not. I have this huge problem with mortality so for me, I mostly just think about my own and that of my love ones and close friends. Morbid I know but...

Are there any scars on your body that are the result of your own stupidity?:
Yes, on my left hand between my index and middle fingers I have two scars from playing that knife game that Bishop played in Aliens.

For your birthday do people buy you a cake or bake you one?:
I haven't had a cake for my birthday in many years.

Are you afraid of needles?:
I'm not. When I was a kid I had to give myself allergy shots twice a week so, you grow very used to it very quickly.

Do you think that you have a guardian angel?:
That or a karmic equilibrium that I kind of don't deserve.

What was your favorite thing to go on at the playground?:
Anything I could climb on.

Did you forget anybody's birthday this year?: (anyone's)
I don' t think so.

Is Starbucks really as good as people make it out to be?:
It really is.
For to End Yet Again


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like when we get to 'see' you. You are a beautiful soul, Matt.

Starbucks, really isn't though. *smile*

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