Friday, November 14, 2008

Abandoned Car in Habana (an excerpt from a forthcoming short shory by Matt Amyx)

The rules were simple, four deaths in four nights, all ruled accidents by local law enforcement, all gruesome in nature and all committed by the two parties involved. Barry looked at his watch, it was 9:15. He walked to the end of the street and looked back at his assistant.
"What time have you got?" he asked.
"9:16... why?"
"No reason. Where are the suit cases?"
"In the back of your car. Why are you asking all these questions?" his assistant inquired.
"Because in a few hours they'll come for us, and I want to know where those suit cases are when they do."
"Don't worry about the cops..."
"...It's not the police I'm worried about anymore. Remember that guy in the hallway? He's the one who set this up. The one who affixed the rules to which we had to adhere and he's the one who'll kill us both as soon as we're done."
Barry's assistant looked out into the street watching a piece of trash in the warm breeze as he thought of what Barry said.
"What will it help to have those two heads in the suit cases..?"
"It may buy us some time while they..." Barry looked at his assistant almost smiling at the absurdity of what he was about to say. " them."



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