Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho! i-e-roe!

We have a new President Elect, and with the news, celebrations and excitement over the event I can't help but see in the eyes of those in jubilation, that blank look that they really don't know anything.

Gone are the days of civility in an election, of composing oneself with any dignity. Gone are the days of voting based on platforms. Now we're voting based on what color someone is or isn't.

I'd like to say that this was untrue... but watch the celebrations, look at what they say... it's as vague as the look on their celebratory faces. We've voted someone in based on one thing and one thing alone. Is this what we are?

The news is making a huge deal about the massive voter turnout and how many voted for the first time in their lives. I can guarantee you that these same people voted based on a bias they were unable to have in previous elections and that they are also that majority that did nothing in 2004 but complained all the way through to 2008.

The only person on the winning side of this election that I've seen act with any form of maturity is Barack Obama himself. Do I have anything against him, not at all. In fact I think this country needs another Democrat in office. I am opposed to the idea that Obama went in based more on what color he is and on the fact that uneducated voters put him in office without thinking for a second about anything but his skin color. This was a factor I pointed out so long ago.

I have no political bias. I do not chose to associate myself with a side when it comes to anything in life so why would I when it comes to politics? By choosing to say you're Republican, you blind yourself to what Republicans do wrong or what Democrats do right. It's the same vice-versa.

People are sheepish, non-thinking zombies who will side with what they "think" is right as opposed to finding out what actually is and you have but to listen to the voice of the majority of people who put our new President Elect in power to know that my statement has never rang more true than right now within the political climate of this great nation. It's sad. Seriously.

I am in favor of Barack's presidency and in favor of the Democratic party taking things over for the next four years. A lot of people who know me or even claim to know me will be surprised to hear that but it's true. My complaint about this election is not in the result but in the mode by which it was achieved.

Barack is going to make a fine president and I look forward to the coming years under is leadership. I do however hope that the very people who put him in office and in whom he shows such infinite faith will begin to educate themselves and start making decisions based on the wellness of this country and not on whether they can show up to work and simply say "history was made" for the sake of history and not for the fact that our livelihood as a country depended on it.



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