Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doyle's Law

One of the best movies I've seen, and I mean to say that this is one of the top 20 of ALL time in my book, is 25th Hour. Did I ever in all my years think that one of Spike's films would be up there even in the top 100? Don't get me wrong, he's made some brilliant movies... not many of which target me as the core of their audience, but brilliant none-the-less. 25th Hour is a movie anyone could love and everyone should see (and it's not even because the main character is Irish).

Overflowing with superior character study and rife with breathtakingly wonderful visuals via New York's diverse landscape, Spike captured a vibration in this film that you can't help but want to get right up next to and stay with for a while. The actors chosen are perfect, the acting itself even more so and there is nothing out of place in this preterhuman film.

If I had to complain about anything, (and you know me) I'd have to say that the only thing wrong at all is the "double-take" shot edits that only show up a few times but still manage to be a "show off" attempt rather than an exercise in any real relevance. That and the incredibly tired Springsteen song at the end (but you don't really have to hear it unless you're like me and watch every credit).

I won't bore you ala a story summary or a who's-who of actors, that's what Wikipedia is for. Instead, it's enough that I say to see it. If you don't, now that you've read this, you'll have to live with that little voice in the back of head wondering what you're missing.



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