Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Massively gigantic props to Emilio Estevez for having written and directed a beautiful work of art. This movie is so incredibly good in so many ways I find it hard to describe.

Within the massive cast, not one character is out of place. Not one scene is anywhere but exactly where it should be. The editing of both sound and visual from real life and from fiction is done in a way that compliments every moment so delicately that not one second is wasted. If you see one movie I suggest, please make it this one.

As for any critic of this movie, you're idiots. Void of any real talent or substance, hence your only ability which is to sit behind a computer and nay say what you don't understand...REAL TALENT. I'm talking to you Peter Travers you moron. Why can't Rolling Stone dump your stupid ass already. Writers for the Thrifty Nickel are more deserving or our attention than you.



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