Thursday, July 02, 2009

25 Things I'm Hating at the Moment

1. The re-airing and overexposure of a man who beats up women paying tribute to man who touched children
2. Massive overuse of the words, "Triple Digits"
3. Kate Gosselin
4. Corporate "Buzz Words" such as, "Critical", "hear, hear", "continued focus", etc." especially thirty times in one half hour meeting
5. Everyone all of the sudden deciding they will also put quotations as tag lines on Facebook
6. Megan Fox's fans
7. Megan Fox
8. Over the hill trophy wives who forgot to notice they're gross now but still act like their shit doesn't stink
9. That FAR too many people are using "to" when they should be using "too"
10. The Dallas Police Department feeling they must jump into a spotlight whenever one is shown
11. Sookie Stackhouse
12. People who looooove Sookie Stackhouse
13. People who love Twilight, True Blood, etc.
14. People who would have written "Twilight" as opposed to Twilight
15. When people say "Where did you get that from"
16. When newscasters, most of whom should know better, use improper grammar (I know I'm not perfect, but I strive to learn and do so every day. I'm not just content to be a sheepish imbecile)
17. People who honk for someone instead of getting out of the car to walk the 3 feet to the front door
18. People who let the rest of the world babysit their kids
19. People who let their children scream...and scream...and scream paying no attention to the tinfoil their making the rest of us chew
20. People who think they need to pull up an inch away from my rear bumper at a stop light
21. People who never learned not to say "uh" five thousand times in a presentation. ESPECIALLY someone who claims to be a good speaker and feels they have to do so EVERY DAY
22. Grown ups who cream over Harry Potter, Hanna Montana, Twilight or anything whose market should be tweens and not GROWN UPS!
23. Micro Management
24. Ex-husbands
25. The fact that everyone has forgotten all of the sudden that Michael Jackson's been dead for years, he just didn't know it.

Now...feel free to take personally, grippe, find something wrong with and comment on all you like. These are my opinions and this is Amerika.



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