Friday, November 10, 2006

Think about it...

...if you had a friend or a family member who had limited use of their limbs, would you ask them to help you move, or to go mountain climbing with you? So why is it that when people have a friend or a family member with a mental illness that they just refuse to remember that the illness is there?

You can try to tell people that you have triggers, you can explain to them countless times what those triggers are and that you will react badly to them and that you are sorry before hand and after the fact. But, for some reason, not only does this not keep them from setting you off time and time again, they continue to push your buttons and fight you when they do, like it's all they want to do with you. Like they love to see the pain it causes you to react like you do. Understand, mental illness is very fucking difficult to live with...and if I am that fucking hard to be around, then leave. I've only ever asked (nicely) that you try to avoid certain little things that set me off.

It's like being hypnotized to punch someone in the face when you hear a doorbell, knowing that you are hynotized to do so and have no control over it, letting people know to please not ring the doorbell, but to please knock (like that is so fucking hard) and then those same people insist on ringing the doorbell instead EVERY SINGLE TIME and then tell you that it is without a doubt your fault and your fault alone that they got punched in the face!!!! What the fuck?!?! It's not like I'm asking you to lift a 250 lb. solid weight up 20 flights of stairs. What is the problem?


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