Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello Ocean, My Name is Drowning Victim...

I'd like to take a minute and thank you for killing me...seriously...did I have to die? Was there no way I could have avoided you? Anything you could have done to prevent yourself from filling my lungs and thus ending my life? Was there anything wrong with me continuing to live? What really was the issue? Was I that bad of a person? Did I really make your life that hard? In the grand scheme of things, would it have made that big of a difference had you chosen to cut me some fucking slack?
Well anyway, I'm dead now. I have you to thank for that. Your selfish, arrogant lack of attention to me has made it impossible for me to continue to exist. So now I'm a memory. Do I blame you..? No, I guess I can't...I could have stayed on land. Do I hate you anyway..? You bet I fuckin' do.
(((03))) (a.k.a. Drowning Victim)


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