Friday, April 06, 2007

Caveat soror (or...your psuedo sisterhood sickens me)

There was a time in my ex-wife's life when she let her "single" friends detour her from the married life. She's admitted it, I watched it happen, the people with no hope of a relationship of their own, no desire for a family began to take over. I let it happen too. These single couple-haters and emotion killers with their lack of respect for the sanctity of a relationship. Their desire to hoard people at any cost since there is no consequence to them. This is never more prevalent than at the "turning point" of ones own relationship. When there are those that seek to pull one person in a direction they want instead of nurturing the beauty of two people "finding" and "enjoying" one another. What is it like to be an after thought? To be last on the priority list to people who live for the "good time" and never get the "problematic" side of their lonely life exposed? Just will meet someone, fall madly in love with them...and there will be someone or some group of people that will spend the majority of their time making sure that your relationship truly sucks for all it's's not's them. Believe it.



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