Thursday, May 10, 2007

I, Mouthbreather (or...a look into the psychology of mongoloid behavior)

With the threat of everyone all of the sudden using their brains well behind us...we can now focus on the con of the idiot.

A) Grew up with parents that didn't bother to teach manners, respect, common sense, cleanliness, decency or for that matter any application self-respect at all, yet in this day and age of mass-communication and the ease by which everyone complains of other people's actions, do nothing to curb their own incessant lack of acceptable social behavior.

B) Use excuses like..."I'm not from here" or indeed rely on others to vomit the phrase "give them a break...they're not from here".

C) Believe themselves to be above pitching in to do anything at all in a social situation (possible exceptions are if helping gets them noticed and therefore leads morons to think they are "nice"). This includes picking up after yourself, picking up what you may not have necessarily done yourself but in trying to help maintain order and cleanliness take 2 seconds out of your day. Cleaning a spill...(this includes water're the fucking idiot that cries the loudest when you lay your dipshit paperwork in a pool of your own mess near the coffee machine, then spout off about how no one cleans up).

These are but a few of the tid bits of CRAP that I put up with daily...and this is coming from an agoraphobic asshole who will barely step foot outside a few small areas of life...imagine my fucking complaint department if I had to endure the 'burbs.

Fuck off,



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