Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Maps

So I find my self back in the same place I feel I've always been, except a lot fewer of my own directions have lead me back to this same intersection this time. My directions are not flawless...but are not as vague and complicated as the ones I'm getting from other sources. The new maps were designed with patience, with care and with the understanding that any wrong turn along the way can end up getting us lost, confused and frustrated. Still and all, the attention to detail put into it just wasn't enough, and the journey once again has come to a complete stop. Not because I didn't want to keep driving, but because my passenger chose to abandon the trip altogether. So I'm alone...looking for newer directions...trying to avoid shortcuts so as not to keep falling victim to the same outcome over and over again. When will the long haul be done? No one knows...maybe never.



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