Wednesday, April 16, 2008

L'Art Perdu de Garder UN Secret

I've got a secret, I cannot say
A modern movement to give it away
You've got somethin that I understand
Hold it in tightly, call on command
Leap of faith, do you doubt?
Cut you in I just cut you out

Whatever you do
Don't tell anyone

Look for reflections, in your face
Canine devotion, time can't erase
Out on the corner or
Locked in your room
I never believe them and I never assume
Stuck in believe, there is a lie
Promise is promise, an eye for an eye
But we've got something to reveal
No one can know how we feel

I think you already know
How far I'd go not to say
You know the art isn't gone
And I'm taking our song to the grave
The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Whatever you do
Don't tell anyone

I actually do like this song. * smile *

~ Have a Fabulous Day, Matt!

9:05 AM  

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