Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Demons That Drag Me Down...

Always, known in all my time, A little left of center now
Reflect as I realize,
That all I need is to find the middle pillar path to sit like the sun by a star in the sky and just be.
Sinners, casting stones at me...

Goodbye, sunshine, I've put it out again...sad.
I'm over, personalities, conflicting, I don't need you, or anyone, but me, I'll just be, living my own life.
I feel my glowing center grow, infecting...I feel alive.
Shovel dirt over lime, plant it in myself to sit like a seed under covers of earth and just be Sinners, pointing fingers at me.

Refuse my body, refuse my shadow
Refuse to lead this, refuse to follow
Refuse to feed this, refuse to swallow

I stand, not crawling, not falling down.
I'll bleed, the demons, that drag me down.

(Chad Gray)


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