Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Petit Homme

As sure as fire will burn there's one thing you will learn
Is things you have cherished are things that you have earned
Luck is when opportunity meets with preparation
And the same is true for every generation

Little man
As you climb on my knee the whole future lies in thee
Never hurry, take it slow, things worth-while need time to grow

Don't look back, there are things that might distract
Move ahead towards your goal and the answers will unfold
Love is always in the air, it is there for those who care


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Le dormeur doit se réveiller

"Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken"

~ Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

East Bound and Down

Hold down the fort 'til I get back.... and if you're good, I may have pictures...

C U Next Tuesday,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

L'amour Déchirera Etats-Unis à part

When the routine bites hard
And ambitions are low
And the resentment rides high
But emotions won't grow
And were changing our ways,
Taking different roads

Why is the bedroom so cold
Turned away on your side?
Is my timing that flawed,
Our respect run so dry?
Yet there's still this appeal
That we've kept through our lives

Do you cry out in your sleep
All my failings expose?
Get a taste in my mouth
As desperation takes hold
Is it something so good
Just can't function no more?
Love will tear us apart again


Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Café noir au lit

There's a stain on my notebook
Where your coffee cup was
And there's ash in the pages
Now I've got myself lost
I was writing to tell you
That my feelings tonight
Are a stain on my notebook
That rings your goodbye

With the way that you left me
I can hardly contain
The hurt and the anger
And the joy of the pain
Now knowing I am single
They'll be fire in my eyes
And a stain on my notebook
For a new love tonight

From the lips without passion
To the lips with a kiss
There's nothing of your love
That I'll ever miss
The stain on my notebook
Remain all that's left
Of the memory of late nights
And coffee in bed

Now she's gone
And I'm back on the beat
A stain on my notebook
Says nothing to me
Now she's gone
And I'm out with a friend
With lips full of passion
And coffee in bed


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Un Paradoxe Avec les Mouches

These solemn words whispered in a haze
Could you even see me standing there
All wrapped up in insecurities that
Wont stop spilling out all over me

A graceful approach that you carry on
And carry yourself in such a way
That could never be recreated

We´re in too deep, go back to sleep
If this feels too synthetic then its all a dream
Calling on our contacts
Controlled contained under pressure

So fall forward into me and let it all pour out
You owe this to yourself, and there's only one way out
So rest your head and close your eyes
Just one more step till we´re over the edge

And in your eyes I see so much more
Than that place you always go back to
You can pull yourself away from
That face that constantly haunts you


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ames mortes

Someone take these dreams away,
That point me to another day,
A duel of personalities,
That stretch all true realities.

That keep calling me,
They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me.

Where figures from the past stand tall,
And mocking voices ring the halls.
Imperialistic house of prayer,
Conquistadors who took their share.

That keep calling me,
They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me.

Calling me, calling me, calling me, calling me.

They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me,
They keep calling me.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire."

~ Kurt Tucholsky

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vieil An

Spend your time wasting
All the wasteful hating
Now who are you blaming?
Are we worth saving?

Now you're stuck in our old year
But I believe in the new year
Now who are you blaming?
Are you worth saving?

Is this how it's always going to be..?


07.10 - 07.12.09

Thank yous: Mark D. for the SUNN O))) shirt! Aunt Mary and Uncle Ken for having us for the fights! Powell for inviting us to Jaye's Bday. Burris for the rides. Ybanez and Stump for hangs. Patricia Arquette for occupying the majority of my Friday Night and Sunday. Dave at Earsplit for the entire SUBHUMANS catalog. DARKEST HOUR for The Eternal Return. And last, Matt for for bouncing back so quick... dead is dead.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dhanus... as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.

Said of me for the Week of the Titan – Sagittarius 3 December 11-18

You think on a grand scale. Your mind is geared towards big projects and you see the whole picture first and generally avoid getting hung up on details. You are big hearted and give shamelessly but expect to get something in return. You reach for the stars with both feet planted on the ground. You have a big personality and it’s hard to take it in all at once. You can be extremely moody and often need time to ruminate over a problem or plan and like to be left alone during this time. Complaining is actually healthy for you. You can be secretly insecure. You are drawn to magical and ecstatic experiences. You love to pull off miracles when faced with impossible challenges. Strengths: Big Hearted – Self Assured – Aspiring Weaknesses: Self Unaware – Secretly insecure – Fussy


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Se rappeler l'un vous êtes parti derrière

You think I don't need much more than what you've ever given me..?

When we gonna get together?
Seems there's no time for me...
You act like you got forever...
You've got time, but you ain't got time for me.

I suppose that you know, you oughta remember the one you left behind...


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Je ne suis pas dans l'amour

I'm not in love, so don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through
And just because I call you up
Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made
I'm not in love
It's because...

I like to see you, but then again
That doesn't mean you mean that much to me
So if I call you, don't make a fuss
Don't tell your friends about the two of us
I'm not in love
It's because...

Be quiet, big boys don't cry

I keep your picture upon the wall
It hides a nasty stain that's lyin' there
So don't you ask me to give it back
I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me
I'm not in love
It's because...

You'll wait a long time for me

I'm not in love...


Thursday, July 02, 2009

25 Things I'm Hating at the Moment

1. The re-airing and overexposure of a man who beats up women paying tribute to man who touched children
2. Massive overuse of the words, "Triple Digits"
3. Kate Gosselin
4. Corporate "Buzz Words" such as, "Critical", "hear, hear", "continued focus", etc." especially thirty times in one half hour meeting
5. Everyone all of the sudden deciding they will also put quotations as tag lines on Facebook
6. Megan Fox's fans
7. Megan Fox
8. Over the hill trophy wives who forgot to notice they're gross now but still act like their shit doesn't stink
9. That FAR too many people are using "to" when they should be using "too"
10. The Dallas Police Department feeling they must jump into a spotlight whenever one is shown
11. Sookie Stackhouse
12. People who looooove Sookie Stackhouse
13. People who love Twilight, True Blood, etc.
14. People who would have written "Twilight" as opposed to Twilight
15. When people say "Where did you get that from"
16. When newscasters, most of whom should know better, use improper grammar (I know I'm not perfect, but I strive to learn and do so every day. I'm not just content to be a sheepish imbecile)
17. People who honk for someone instead of getting out of the car to walk the 3 feet to the front door
18. People who let the rest of the world babysit their kids
19. People who let their children scream...and scream...and scream paying no attention to the tinfoil their making the rest of us chew
20. People who think they need to pull up an inch away from my rear bumper at a stop light
21. People who never learned not to say "uh" five thousand times in a presentation. ESPECIALLY someone who claims to be a good speaker and feels they have to do so EVERY DAY
22. Grown ups who cream over Harry Potter, Hanna Montana, Twilight or anything whose market should be tweens and not GROWN UPS!
23. Micro Management
24. Ex-husbands
25. The fact that everyone has forgotten all of the sudden that Michael Jackson's been dead for years, he just didn't know it.

Now...feel free to take personally, grippe, find something wrong with and comment on all you like. These are my opinions and this is Amerika.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Uber-typical Bay Shortcomings

Burning Questions: The 10 Most Confusing Things in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'
by Matt McDaniel

June 30, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen made over $200 million last week. What it didn't make, however, was one lick of sense.

Now, suspension of disbelief is usually not a problem for me. Tell me that a billionaire could put on a bat suit and swoop around fighting crime and I'll buy it. Or that a different billionaire could build flying armor in his basement. Or that in the future people will beam onto spaceships with their pointy-eared best friend. I'll accept all of it. I'll even take your word for it that a mechanized alien race can come to our planet, scan some cars, and turn themselves into vehicles.

That being said, there were moments in this new "Transformers" movie that were so confusing, so contradictory, or so corny that they completely took me out of the movie. Even days after watching it, some new inconsistency or plot hole would pop into my mind.

I can hear it already: "It's a popcorn movie. It's based on a bunch of toys. It's just supposed to be fun." And yes, all of those things are true. But that doesn't mean I can't ask questions about what in the world was going on. Here are the ten that I most want answered. (WARNING: contains spoilers).

1. In Transformers, there was this giant battle in the middle of downtown Los Angeles -- excuse me, Mission City -- that was witnessed by thousands of people at the very least. But somehow the government was able to cover up the whole thing, and now the existence of alien robots is just an internet rumor? How did they do it? Pay off everyone who was there and quickly fix millions of dollars in damage? Also, didn't Keller (Jon Voight) go on TV and tell everyone we were being attacked by "a technological civilization far superior to our own"? How did they spin that?

2. There are two pieces of the Allspark cube left: the military has one under lock and key, and Sam discovers another. The Decepticons steal one and bring Megatron back to life. But when Sam (Shia LaBeouf) wants to bring back Optimus, he has to find the Matrix of Leadership on the other side of the globe. Why not use the other piece? Mikaela (Megan Fox) has it in her backpack the whole time. It brought his kitchen appliances to life, why can't it do the same for Optimus?

3. Speaking of Megatron's rebirth, when the Decepticons venture deep into the ocean to revive him, the Navy crew tracking them reads five contacts. When they get down there, they tear apart one of the robots for parts to rebuild Megatron. Then as they rise to the surface, the same Navy guys say they spot six contacts. The little "Doctor" robot popped out down there, but he's about a third of the size of a person. Would he have shown up on sonar?

4. That reminds me: even if I were to forgive the Doctor's German accent -- and director Michael Bay is asking me to forgive a lot of ridiculous accents -- why would a robot need glasses? He has little lenses that flip in front of his mechanical eyes. Couldn't he just get his eyes adjusted? You'd think with all the laser guns, someone could perform a Lasik procedure.

5. Apparently, Transformers can look like people now. How? And how is it that even though the robo-girl (Isabel Lucas) is made of metal, she can still straddle Sam without crushing him. And if Bumblebee knows something's wrong with her, why does he spit antifreeze at her instead of telling Sam? Yes, his voicebox is broken, but wasn't it fixed at the end of the last movie?

6. The Fallen is the last of the Primes, since they all sacrificed themselves to stop him from destroying the sun. But then he says that Optimus is a descendant of the Primes. First, Transformers have kids? And second, how could he descend from them if they were all dead? And if the Fallen could only be destroyed by a Prime, why didn't the originals just gang up on him back in the day? And what makes Optimus so special, anyway? Megatron beat him earlier, but all it takes is a few spare parts from creaky old Jetfire for him to take out the Fallen?

7. Sam, Mikaela, and Simmons (John Turturro) go to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. to find Jetfire. Then they walk out the back onto a wide open field with old planes and mountains in the distance. When did the National Mall start to look so much like to Tucson, AZ (where they really filmed that scene)?

8. The geography is just as bad when they go to Egypt. The stone city of Petra in Jordan is over 250 miles away, over mountainous terrain, with few paved roads and the Israeli border between them, so how can they drive from one to the other in a couple of hours. And the Pyramids are said to be shooting distance from the Mediterranean, but they are actually well over 80 miles inland. Even if the Navy ship had a secret rail gun, and even if the captain would take an order to fire from a former agent of a government branch that no longer exists (over a walkie-talkie that inexplicably starts working again), how could it hit a moving target from that distance?

9. Sam briefly dies and goes to Robot Heaven. Robot Heaven?!?!

10. Where does Sam's bandage come from? What about his extra sock? Why does Sam's roommate not contribute anything at all? What was the Fallen doing for those thousands of years Megatron was frozen in ice? How does one satellite receive transmissions from everywhere on the planet? Why does Wheelie hump Mikaela's leg? Why do we have to see John Turturro's thong? Why are robots who join together to become Devastator also seen fighting the Army at the same time? Why does the government want only our military fighting Decepticons when our weapons seem unable to make so much as a dent on any of them? Why did the ancient Egyptians build a pyramid around the sun-destroying machines instead of just breaking it? Why is the Matrix of Leadership bigger in the Fallen's hand than in Sam's? And how do Mikaela's pants stay so clean?

Blogger's Note: Shame on you Michael Bay... why have you YET to direct a film featuring dialog for those of us with higher than an 6th grade education?