Friday, June 29, 2007

What do I do...?

Won't make the bed up straight
I always stay out late
I never take you out
Ask what you're all about
I alway smell like smoke
Everything's just a joke
I never look at you
When you come hear me sing
These are not all of the
Many simple things
You can find wrong with me
Once would you tell me please
What do I do right?

I never talk to you
Be who you want me to
My music's way too loud
My friends are all so proud
Say I'm just wasted hope
I could not thread the rope
More than my pocket's broke
And you don't see a ring
These are not all of the
Infinitesimal things
You can find wrong with me
Once would you tell me please
What do I do right?

Never wanted to play in this game
Yes, you're right
But losing the game doesn't mean
That we're losing the fight


Thursday, June 28, 2007

No sooner here, then gone (tragedy and want, expectation and need...the death of life)

A photograph reminds...a snapshot in the back of the mind of finer times. A memory cracked and faded by the rigors of life...blistered by the heat of anger, and the solitude of loneliness. Used and spent under the guise of temperament and the not-so-subtle use of our former shortcomings...we look back and see what's been so wrong, then walk right into the same's destructive tendencies I've learned to embrace, until suddenly...the end.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


3,ooo hits at Caveat lector mother fuckers! A sure sign that everything is going to Hell, so be glad. Thanks to all the people who call me friend and an extra special thanks to the people who actually treat me like one. See you at 4,000 and stay nice, otherwise there is no contrast to my voraciousness!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Conchords Destroy All (or...New Zealanders kick out the PSB)

Jemaine and Bret (a.k.a. Flight of the Conchords) have taken my DVR over. Perfection! Pure Fucking Excellence! Watch!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Do I Get Jealous?

How to control the green-eyed monster

By Dr. Scott Haltzman

Question: Why do I get so jealous when my partner talks to other people?

Answer: When you first connected with your partner and looked into their eyes, it felt like he or she was the only person in the room. As you get deeper into your relationship and call yourselves a couple, the realization hits you: You and your partner are not alone on this planet. There are others! Are they a threat?

When we are in a committed relationship, we assume the connection we have with each other will be strong enough to fend off outside threats. In some ways, this you-belong-to-me-and-I-belong-to-you mentality is sweet; it's the stuff of pop songs and poetry. But sometimes the intensity of that connection is too strong.

When one partner sees everyone whom his or her partner comes into contact with as a potential threat, it is a sign that jealousy has taken hold. Shakespeare called it "the green-eyed monster," and once it gets a hold of your relationship, it sinks its teeth in and can rip it apart.

What causes jealousy?

If you've got strong feelings of jealousy, it's probably a sign that you don't have enough trust in your partner that he or she is being faithful to you. That lack of trust may be prompted by one of four factors.

1) You may feel insecure about your self-worth. In these cases, either you've been raised to believe, or some part of your inner self feels, that you just don't measure up. Because you don't love yourself, you can't believe that others would love you, so you live in fear that your partner's "true" feelings will be revealed and she will leave.

2) You're prone to cheating on your partner -- maybe even have done so. Knowing what you're capable of, you project that behavior onto your partner

3) You and your partner haven't yet figured out how to establish safe boundaries within the relationship. Having a tight bond is about building walls around your love with windows that allow others to be part of it -- not doors where competing lovers can walk right in and disrupt your home. Because you don't know what's permissible within the relationship and what's not, you're constantly on your toes.

4) Your mate is cheating on you. Cheating doesn't have to include sex; it often has to do with making emotional connections to others outside the relationship. If your partner is sharing things about your private life with attractive members of the opposite sex, it robs a sense of intimacy from your relationship and leaves you feeling vulnerable.

Knowing the factors that lead to jealousy is an important first step to getting things fixed. Put your focus on building trust. If you've got some growing up to do, therapy may help. Both of you have to learn how to set boundaries in the relationship. That requires respecting your mate's definition of limits of outside relationships from the start.

Over time, as trust builds, you and your partner can redefine what feels safe for the relationship. After all, when you've got a great relationship, you want to share it with the world.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is Not Sound (or...the sound of blood inside)


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...toujours mauvais

Another day I call and never speak would say nothing's changed at all
I can't feel much hope for anything
If I won't be there to catch you if you fall
It seems we meet
In the spaces
In between
We always say
It won't be long
...but something's always wrong

Friday, June 15, 2007

Messiah ( I learned to let go of Lynch enough to LOVE Harrison)

Having been a fan of David Lynch's movie Dune for no less than 23 years...I was reluctant back in 2000 to check into a mini-series version, Frank Herbert's Dune written and directed by John Harrison. Well several months ago I bought the 3 disc DVD of the series on sale for something like $9.99, watched it but wasn't really focused so I didn't really have a chance to soak it in. Then a few weeks ago I found the Children of Dune mini-series 2 disc DVD and being OCD had to get it. Before I watched it though, I re-watched the first series and let me tell you, this time I got it. Alec Newman as Paul was great, William Hurt as Leto was great, and Ian McNeice (whom I have loved since CHEF!) as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen was AMAZING! Everything synced perfectly with the exception of one thing and it's what I hated about the previews for it in 2000. I HATE the use of primary color lighting to set mood or depict or differentiate sequences. This to me took some time to get over but once I did...I really love this series. Then I watched Children of Dune which came out 3 years later. This to me seemed much more focused, (obviously no one sits still for 3 years without learning a thing or two). Gone are all the sophomoric primary colors and the look and feel of the series while more regal, seemed more archaic and "desert-like". Daniela Amavia as Alia was so well cast and James McAvoy as Leto II, the son of Muah'Dib was stellar. If you have an opportunity to see these epics, even if you are not a big Sci-Fi fan, do so. They are gripping, intelligent and thoughtful and have life lessons in politics and religion that only a master like Frank Herbert could have conceived all the way back in the early 1960's.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dying Swan*

Seen all good things and bad
Running down the hill
All so battered and brought to the ground

I am hungry again,
I am drunk again
All the money I owe to my friends
When I'm like this
How can you be smiling, singing
How can you be sure?

If you walk out the door
Will I see you again?
If so much of me lies in your eyes

How can you be smiling, singing
How can you be sure I don't want you?

I don't want you anymore

(RH b-side FPT) *note: this was not published as a means for you torun and tattle to someone. For God sake get a life. V.2

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hell (or...the relationship between you and me)

I think too much don't I...I see the little underlying tone in what you say. But, it's always easy to say it's not what you meant after the damage is done. It's too hard to think first...knee-jerk reactions are so commonplace that it's impossible to do or say otherwise...ever. Isn't it?


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I appreciate your concern and all. I love that you care, I love that you worry, but really, I can't be bothered. So fuck off.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Le cinéma extrêmement recommandé

Not your everyday, shooter...even with Alicia Keys in it, this is a great movie...but then when has Piven ever fucked up a movie...if anything, mother fucker is the only redeemable thing in a lot of movies that otherwise suck...more screen time for Jeremy please!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That's levitation, Holmes!


Le film pour regarder

Syriana to me was one of those movies that sticks with you for days on end. Be it the superior acting, the locations, the Cinematography, the story lines or the hyperlinks...Syriana comes highly recommended by yours truly. See if you can watch it without thinking a little differently about the world.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trois Années

"Alors j'ai vu il y avait une façon à l'Enfer, même des portails de Ciel"
“Then I saw there was a way to Hell, even from the gates of Heaven”.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Friday, June 01, 2007

Sometimes I just fucking LOVE life (or...karma has an awesome way of deleting the idiot)

Phoenix, AZ (CBC) - A PETA protest against the sale and manufacturing of snake-skin boots ended in chaos after a poisonous snake bit and killed a protester.

Lezlie Mitchels was carrying a dangerous coral rattlesnake while protesting Mountain Hike snake-skin boots when she was bitten. The venom entered her bloodstream and she began screaming and crying. When asked why the other protesters didn’t intervene and get her help, they claimed not to have noticed because Lezlie’s protesting had typically been theatric and hysterical.

“Before she got bit she’d been yelling and crying and after she’d been bit she was yelling and crying. How could I tell that the snake bit her?” said Paul Roccoil.

The first sign that she was actually in pain came when she collapsed onto the floor and began frothing from the mouth. By the time medical help arrived she was already dead.

When asked about the incident, a Mountain Hike Boots representative replied “Sure is a tragedy, ain’t it? But that’s why we turn these venomous monsters into boots - to protect the people.”

PETA has another protest blanned against crocodile-skin boots planned for next Thursday.

(...because they are moronic dumb fucks that care more about animals than humans and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their little protests as opposed to using it to aid in the reseach for cures for fatal diseases or to help feed starving children. It just goes to show you...there aren't enough Coral down...many to go.)


Everything that you know by heart...

These walls have eyes
Rows of photographs
And faces like mine
Who do we become
Without knowing where
We started from

It's true I'm missing you
As I stand alone in your room

Everyday that will pass you by
Every name that you won't recall
Everything that you made by hand
Everything that you know by heart

And I will try to connect
All the pieces you left
I will carry it on
And let you forget
And I'll remember the years
When your mind was clear
How the laughter and life
Filled up this silent house

One room
Two single beds
In the closet hangs
Your favorite dress
The books that you read
Are in scattered piles
Of paper shreds

Everything that you made by hand
Everything that you know by heart