Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I'm REALLY starting to fucking HATE Halloween

1) I'm not a "let's get to know one another because it's a holiday" kind of guy. If I hate you on an ordinary day, I hate you on Halloween.

2) If I don't want to dress up, I shouldn't be chastised for it.

3) Halloween (or any other holiday for that matter) at my work is presented for the most part by people who "think" things are neat and fun but that really alienate people and create tension. It's obvious that people anymore do not create environments for the majority but rather to try to garner praise for themselves because of their effort as opposed to the end result.

4) Halloween, perhaps more than any other holiday besides maybe New Years or St. Patrick's Day, brings out the fucking drunks. Dip-shits and soccer moms all becoming uninhibited because they wear a mask.

5) If I'm trying to ignore you, leave me THE FUCK alone!!! People often don't think this applies when it's a holiday.

6) I don't like most people, I don't want to pretend to welcome conversation by dressing up.

7) If I happen to be sitting at home on Halloween I probably don't have candy. I'm an agoraphobic. If someone I KNEW knocked on my door and I didn't know ahead of time they were coming, I wouldn't open it. Why on EARTH would I open it for strangers who want something from me?

8) Halloween isn't evil anymore. Even Rob Zombie's re-make of the movie name-sake, although great, wasn't what I would call "scary" and neither is your costume. So please...give it a rest.

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown, NOW FUCK OFF!!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maniacal Musick (恋人〔愛〕のミサイルF1-11)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Re-popularizing the Split Infinitve

Yes, that's right America, one of the most famous lines in television, " boldly go where no man has gone before" is a widely accepted affront to the English language as the adverb "boldly" splits the full infinitive "to go."

So, will we see this corrected in the J.J. Abrams' new version of Star Trek? I can see it now, movie theaters full of slack-jawed nerds keeling over in their seats as Chris Pine narrates, " go boldly where no man has gone before." Or, perhaps Abrams will chose the more gender-friendly Next Generation version "no one" instead.

Either way, "to boldly go" will have to occupy the canon of my suspension of dis-belief (or is that even what I mean?) as I am psyched as FUCK for the new film. I'm no elitist who's gonna cry about "remakes" and how "wrong" they are because for one... this isn't a remake, it's an origin. Two, who gives a fuck? And three, Simon fucking Pegg is in it! So take that, jerk-off.

6 months left until we can see it though since the dicks at Paramount think the movie would do better in the summer of 2009 than during Christmas, (stupid if you ask me, because sci-fi kicks ass over the holidays). So, fuck you Paramount.

What's my part in all this? Nothing. I just wanted to write something to go along with this snazzy photo I found of almost the entire new cast while being able to complain a little, which is SOOOOO unlike me. I'm off to go boldly get some more coffee. See that wasn't so hard.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saints et Pécheurs

So you're a fan of The Boondock Saints. You're a regular film buff who was one of the first to tell ALL your friends that " gotta see this movie" and you felt on top of the world because they all believed that YOU discovered this gem. You kept all the different versions of the film that you've bought and you own more than one t-shirt sporting your love of bad guy killin' Irishmen. But what do you REALLY know about the film's director or his legacy of trying to maintain the title of "supreme cock-sucker overlord"?

I recently viewed Overnight and if you don't know, it's a documentary about Troy Duffy, the director of Saints and total jerk off extraordinaire. In the film, Duffy starts out as a movie and music wunderkind with tons of celebrity, record label and studio interest. This leads to an almost minute by minute break down of whatever resolve he might have had as he proceeds to verbally abuse anyone and everyone who shows the slightest bit of support including his family, his friends, his band-mates and even the man who made any of it possible, Harvey Weinstein.

The documentary is hard to watch. Especially because The Boondock Saints is such a brilliant, near-perfect movie. The fact is that knowing what a prick Duffy is doesn't deter me from my love of his film, only my potential respect for him as a person. There is a certain comfort in knowing that Duffy doesn't see (nor does he deserve) a dime from any of the rental or purchase profits from the movie due to him basically signing everyone of his rights to it away in the distribution deal. He may be able to pull his shit in Boston, but he'd get his mouthy ass kicked in Texas.

All my spite for that mother fucker aside, I gotta bite my tongue somewhat because you see, the sequel started shooting on Monday. That's RIGHT, finally a fucking sequal!!! That really does make me one HAPPY FUCKING IRISHMAN!!! (please, no comments about how much more fucking Irish you are. Please try to just grasp the fucking point).

The sequel is supposed to be called The Good King, and pre-production on the started in early September with the first day of shooting beginning Monday in Canada. Some scenes may be shot in Boston depending on the film's financing. It has been announced by Duffy that there will be a lead female actress in the sequel (not a love interest). The sequel is supposed to take place 10 years after The Boondock Saints.

If the first film is any indication of what the second will be, it's going to be a mother of a movie. If Duffy not doing shit for almost 10 years from running his mouth and being a dumb-fuck is an indication of what to expect, then shame on the mother fucker for taking the risk of soiling The Boondock Saints and not trying out something different and not quite so safe as a franchise that has a build-in fan base.

Time will tell or course, but in the mean time, see The Boondock Saints again. Hell, over and over again. It's that good. But see Overnight at your own risk because as tolerant as I am for ass wipes due to their talent, Duffy came VERY close to pushing that overkill button one too many times.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maniacal Musick + (Pourquoi Pouvoir Les Corps Mouche)

Merci pour l'introduction, Proscriptor

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maniacal Musick (Souffler le Coup de Vent)

Hellooooo Ian

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sagittarius (11/22-12/21)

Trying to figure out what is motivating other people is a waste of your time, so if you have been wringing your hands over a mysterious situation, stop. If someone isn't going to tell you what you need to know, they aren't going to tell you -- no matter how long you wait or how many hoops you jump through. Move on today, and disengage from such childlike behavior. They have been having too much fun stringing you along, and you're no puppet. Too bad for them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bambi et Thumper sont à jamais


Friday, October 10, 2008

L'honnêteté est un tel mot solitaire

Chances are you're being lied to multiple times a day. It happens not only at work and with your friends and family, but in the intimate arena of love and dating, whether it's a first date or someone you are forming an exciting new relationship with.

Imagine this: During a 10-minute conversation, people told an average of two to three lies, and 60 percent of people lied at least once, according to a study conducted by Robert Feldman of the University of Massachusetts.

Telling lies is a normal part of everyday life. People tell small lies to make themselves more likable or to spare other people's feelings.

However, it's when the lying gets out of hand that it becomes harmful to a budding relationship. If someone you are dating repeatedly lies to you for their own personal gain, you need to be aware of it. By becoming a better lie detector, you can prevent others from taking advantage of you, both literally and emotionally.

Here are eight ways to spot a liar:

1. Eyes aflutter. When people lie, their blink rate tends to go up.

2. The eyes have it. Conventional wisdom says that liars don't look you directly in the eye. And sometimes this is the case. However, research shows that practiced liars will actually give you more eye contact than people telling the truth!

3. Frankly, my dear. People who lie often feel the need to draw your attention to their trustworthiness. They may preface statements with words like "honestly," "frankly," and "truthfully." They're also likely to make assertions such as "I would never lie to you" and "I'm not lying."

4. Cool and casual. Most people expect liars to be nervous, but practiced liars know how to act casual while weaving a web. They may have their feet up or be slumped down in a chair as the lies flow.

5. Behind the smile. A liar's smile is different from a truth-teller's smile. According to research, true "enjoyment smiles" are so big and bright that you'll notice a crinkle around the eyes. These authentic smiles last for less than five seconds. The "masking smile," or lie smile, tends to last longer than five seconds, doesn't involve the eyes, has a hint of negative emotion, and may be crooked.

6. Sticking to it. Good liars stick to the true parts of their story as much as possible and insert lies at key points. If you suspect you're being lied to, don't be fooled into thinking that the whole story is true, even if you can confirm that parts of it are true.

7. Derailed by details. Liars often try to divert you from their falsehoods by detailing you to death. They'll get you so bogged down by the minutiae of the story that you lose track of what they're saying or you get tired of listening. Never hesitate to ask for clarification if the story seems confusing or doesn't add up.

8. It's not me, it's you! If you catch someone in a lie, they'll frequently try to turn it back on you. "You must be crazy. I never said that!" or "You must have memory loss because that's not the way it happened."

What do you do when you suspect someone you're dating is repeatedly lying to you? In order to feel more secure in the relationship, let them know that even though the truth can hurt, you want to deal with things honestly and openly. The truth will ultimately be better than losing trust and being devastated by lies.

The more people lie and get away with it, the more lies they tell. Stop the cycle by confronting the lies!

"The truth is the only thing worth having, and, in a civilized life, like ours, where so many risks are removed, facing it is almost the only courageous thing left to do."

~E.V. Lucas

Honesty is such a lonely word
(CP, Ed.D., P.C.C.)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cerebrum Exempli gratia: Un exemple de comment mon cerveau travaille

The following is an example of how I think. How my brain works:

Let's say a friend came to me and said that he had a pair of brand new shoes that were a gift but that he didn't like them and couldn't return them and further explained that he wanted me to have them. He then showed me the shoes as I think to myself, "they're alright, but not great" and he proceeds to tell me that he was a size 12, a full 2 sizes bigger than me.

I would let him know that I couldn't use them, but in my head I would feel loss. Even though I really didn't like the shoes, even though they would never fit, even though they were never really mine to begin with, my brain would sink into a depression the likes of which would make you think a relative died.

I know this. I've explained it. Given an example. Why can't I control it? And why does everyone around me want to help me with it? Why am I this way? What makes me depressed so intensely over so small a thing? And if this happens to this degree over a small thing, can you imagine what happens when it's something more serious? No one understands. I don't understand. What is it called? What is one to do?

"Insanity is knowing that what you're doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can't stop it."

- Elizabeth Wurtzel
, Prozac Nation
An example of how my brain works

Pseudo la Tournée de la Tour de Dallas du nord


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Comment Construire un Univers Qui ne s'Effondre pas Deux Jours plus tard

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

- PKD, 1978
How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later

Maniacal Musick (Neuf Doigts)


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fuck Fucking Fox

Original post [03.21.08]

Finally, something that isn't animated is ruling on FOX. Pretty much everything else has sucked to high heaven, like that Brad Garrett abortion "'Til Death" (seriously, who the fuck casts that twat Joely Fisher?!), and that torture-fest "Back to You",'d think the execs at FOX could crap out something that was least watchable through the teaser. Well now they have and it's "Unhitched". So watch it Sunday Night's so it's not canceled or I will be REALLY pissed! Seriously, I watched episodes 1-3 last night and this is most excellent. Way to go FOX, maybe you aren't COMPLETE morons after if only you could talk some fucking sense into NBC who have a knack for canceling EVERY good one hour drama they have.

So this was a post that I did earlier this year. FOX finally aired a comedy that wasn't animated that didn't suck and what did they do? On May 15, 2008, FOX officially canceled the series. More proof that these fuck heads know nothing about what is good and would rather air visual vomit and biased pseudo-news than anything of any kind of quality. So now I watch FOX on Sunday nights and that's it, but only out of pure necessity and only for 2 hours. Oh, and I watch FOX News in the mornings, but that's local and it doesn't count.


Ozark Empire [Re-visited]

Where I grew up and where I'll be in 7 weeks for Thanksgiving. It really is even more beautiful than it looks.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Stewart, où il appartient à Talladega

TALLADEGA, Ala. – Records are meant to be broken, not rules.

But somewhere along the way, Regan Smith got those two things radically confused in Sunday's Amp Energy 500 at Talladega Superspeedway.

The rule that Smith seemed to have a problem with in Sunday's race can't be more crystal clear: no passing under the yellow line to advance your position at Talladega. And there's no arguing that Smith did just that on the final lap of the race.

So even though he, not Tony Stewart, crossed the finish line first, NASCAR was correct in declaring Stewart the winner.

Smith can whine and complain, like he did, that Stewart blocked him, more or less "forcing" him below the yellow line, but that's also within the rules. Stewart was simply blocking Smith to maintain his own position and prevent Smith from getting around him.

"Damn right I did," said Stewart, who ended his 43-race winless streak. "I've lost Daytona 500s and have lost races here at Talladega because somebody blocked. That's just the name of the game."

In a race filled with accidents that damaged the championship chances of a number of Chase drivers, including top challengers Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle, it ultimately came down to Stewart, the seasoned veteran looking for his first victory of the year, versus Regan Smith, the 25-year-old looking for his first career Cup victory.

As the two took the white flag signaling the final lap, Stewart held the lead, with Smith glued to his back bumper.

Coming out of the final turn, Stewart dove down to the bottom of the track. Smith did, too.

He could have lifted off the gas or nailed the brakes, but he chose not to. Instead, he veered below the yellow line, passed Stewart and remained in the lead position as the two crossed the finish line.

Smith and his crew thought they had their first win and began celebrating. But it was short lived. Thirty seconds later, NASCAR ruled that Smith indeed had passed Stewart for the lead while below the yellow line.

"I've always got told that the rule is if you get forced down there, then you're the winner of the race, that on the last lap anything goes," said Smith. "That's what they always say in the drivers' meeting, so I was going with that. I got forced down, had a nose inside of him and could have piled up the whole field, and I guess that would have been a cooler finish.

"Second sucks, that's all I can say. I should be doing burnouts out there."

Unfortunately, Smith didn't get second, either. When NASCAR officials reviewed the videotape, they further penalized Smith and dropped him to the last car on the lead lap – 18th.

"I've sat in those meetings since they've had the yellow line rule and the first thing (race director) David Hoots always says is, 'This is your warning about staying above the yellow line and racing above the yellow line,' " Stewart said. "It's always preceded by aggressive driving zones and say that starts with the drop of the green flag until the end at the checkered flag, with emphasis in the corners and tri-oval.

"It's been the same speech since they came up with that rule and they've never wavered from it. It's pretty self-explanatory, I think."

Smith weakly tried to protest, but it fell upon deaf ears at the NASCAR hauler.

So, in a little more than one minute, Smith went from winning the race, to second place and ultimately to 18th.

There was a certain sense of irony in the way Sunday's race played out, because Stewart was once in Smith's position – and could empathize with his protest.

It was at Daytona in July 2001, shortly after NASCAR implemented the rule that there would be no advancing of position if a car passes another under the yellow line – a rule that only applies to Daytona and Talladega, the two restrictor plate tracks on the circuit. In that race, Stewart was making a move toward the front, trying to get as good a finish as he could. He wound up passing another car under the yellow line and felt pretty good that he had finished sixth.


NASCAR quickly broke out the new rule, literally shoved it in his face and more or less told him, "Read the fine print. You're in violation."

And with that, Stewart went from what he thought was a sure-fire, sixth-place finish to being penalized and ultimately ending up with a mediocre 26th-place finish.

Crew chief Greg Zipadelli remembers that July day in Daytona all too well.

"We were the first car penalized in the July 2001 race at Daytona," Zipadelli said. "We finished sixth and they put us back to the last car on the lead lap, and it was on the last lap. We kind of got forced below there, just to avoid a big wreck.

"If I got my handout that they gave today, it said that on the bottom of it. It's pretty clear-cut."

In another twist of irony, while Stewart could empathize with Smith's plight, Zippy wouldn't.

"Obviously, somebody knew what the rules were," Zipadelli said of NASCAR's ruling. "I mean, (Smith) went below the yellow line and got penalized. I think it's been pretty clear for six or seven years now that if you advance your position below the yellow line, you're going to lose your position."

Call it one of the most controversial non-controversies that Stewart has ever been involved in.

"There's always been people blocking," Stewart said. "The nice thing is I was on the right end of it this time. Trust me, I've got no regrets about what I did. I did exactly what I needed to do to win the race, and it worked out."

So, as NASCAR puts race No. 4 of the 10-race Chase for the Sprint Cup into the record book for good, those who may think that Smith got hosed have it all wrong.

Every other driver and crew chief in Sunday's pre-race drivers' meeting heard Hoots once again remind them about the rule against passing below the yellow line. The only one who seemed not to hear it was Smith.

"He got a run on me, but I had to protect my line," Stewart said. "That's how it goes here at Talladega."

And that is certainly within the rules.
Stewart, where he belongs at Talladega

Friday, October 03, 2008

Perfectionner le Cinéma

Delicatessen is set in an eerie post-apocalyptic apartment building in a France of an ambiguous time period. It centers on the tenants of the apartment and their desperate bids to survive.
It is largely a character-based film, with much of the interest being gained from each tenants own particular idiosyncrasies.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

...and vous pouvez être ma vachère, noir


The Globulous Includer (an excerpt from a forthcoming short shory by Matt Amyx)

As he walked slowly down the hallway, the thing Barry followed stopped as if to announce it's awareness of him. Although it had been moving, it resembled a large person hunched over and cowering all the while emoting an aura of menace.

Barry stopped in his tracks and out of habit or instinct placed his hand lightly on the wall, perhaps to gain leverage in case he had to quickly turn and run away. All this somehow wasn't feeling like it's outcome was going to be a happy one.

The mass sat still but seemed to shiver and Barry tried to squint and adjust his eyes to get some bearing on what it was that he had actually been following. He cleared his throat as quietly as he could.

"Um, are you ok?" He asked, maybe subconsciously thinking this actually was a hurt person he was trying to help. No answer.
"Shall I call 911?" No reply or indication of comprehension came from the quivering thing and Barry felt like moving in a little closer but fear or maybe intelligence kept his legs from moving.

Just then the thing spoke,
"You'll never know from where this darkness comes. All the happiness you've felt all your life, is about to be taken away forever, in an instant. Your sorrow will be infinite, your despair overwhelming. In the end you will believe that chose to end your life, but you can perhaps take solace in the fact that you never really had a choice."

Barry stood motionless save for a slight raising of his eyebrows,
"Well, fuck you then."